Trends in Wedge Heel Fashion Boots

Trends in Womens Fashion Boots
Womens fashion boots are mainly worn for fashion reasons or style. Whereas they are of different types and sizes they are mainly used for casual, formal or business attire. In the early 19th Century, womens wedge heel boots ( were not highly recognized as fashion items until when they became so common in the late 19th century then thereafter remained a staple of womens winter collection up to now. Generally, fashion boots are so similar to ordinary shoes in the form of soles and heels. The difference of the boot is brought about by how long or short the shaft is. It can either be fitted on one hand, it can be straight legged or loosely fitted on the other hand for flexibility purposes. In addition, there’s also a type of fasteners which is usually seen in most womens fashion boots in form of laces for ankle boots while zip fasteners are widely used in all types of boots either covering the whole size of the shaft or the ankle only.
Presently, buttons and other decorative features are used as design accents on modern fashion boots. As the first category, ankle boots normally have a shaft which measures even below 8 inches. They are the most common type of womens fashion boots which vary in length. Second are the calf-length boots measuring 8-15 inches usually worn with pants or long skirts. The third category of womens fashion boots is the knee-high boots, which is found by many people to be versatile.
Measuring 15-19 inches, they are made from different materials and colors and therefore can either be worn with different attires including skirts, dresses, pants or even leggings. The last category is over-the knee womens wedge heel boots : which have a shaft length of 19 inches or more.

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